7/12/2020 16,000 migrants back home, 1,106 lost lives abroad - Back Page - observerbd.com money they gaveePaper loans toArchive friends from other countries and paid for visa renewal etc. Video asGallery Bangla In a case study mentioned in the report, a returnee migrant Md. Atiq, 55, said he had been working in a steel factory for 14 years. As part of his payment procedure, he used to get a small amount per month and after a while the owners used to clear all dues. "I have an outstanding amount of around Tk5 lakh including wages of last two months," he added. Belal (41), a returnee from Saudi Arabia said his visa would expire this June. He has given 3,000 Saudi Riyals (Tk. 70,000) to a Pakistani friend for visa renewal. "As I was picked up suddenly, I could not contact him again and lost the entire money," he added. According to the report, each year more than 7.00 lakh Bangladeshis get employment through international CATEGORY migration. The infection and death rates are generally higher than locals and they had to face discrimination in accessing health care. The Bangladesh government is now under pressure from the Gulf and other Arab countries to bring back its workers on the pretext of irregular migration status or vacate the jails and detention centres, it added. Lawmakers Shirin Akter, Aroma Dutta, Expatriate Welfare Secretary Dr Ahmed Munirus Salehin, Foreign Ministry's Director General Nazrul Islam, Manusher Jonno Foundation's Executive Director Shahin Anam and Migration in Asia's coordinator William Gomez also spoke on the occasion. The speakers urged the government to ensure recovering the arrears of the migrant workers and protection of all Bangladeshi migrants working in different countries including the Gulf countries. https://www.observerbd.com/news.php?id=261937&fbclid=IwAR2Yoed3c6NAz6CIfweihfrkM80-QZwzVa6etZ5eU0dETpjVfohwlAPJMAY 2/5

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