September 14, 2021 Wage theft is something many people encounter but might not have the tools to address. More than ever, people ( are fed up with being exploited by employers, whether that be in the form of wage theft or underpaying. In order to be better advocates for ourselves and others, we should all be educated on what wage theft is and what we can do about it. In short, wage theft ( refers to employees not being paid the amount they are legally entitled to be paid. This could include ( paying below the minimum wage, taking away meal breaks, and not being paid for off-the-clock work. Wage theft ( is especially common for people working as gas station clerks, restaurant workers, security guards, and those involved in child care. A Center for Public Integrity ( analysis revealed in 2019, 8,500 employers stole $287 million from their employees. Cases like these are even more common during a recession. Iowa volleyball swept by Illinois ( Iowa Climate Statement recommends stronger electric infrastructure ( Johnson County excluded workers to receive $2 million in federal funding  ( county-excluded-workers-to-receive-2u=https%3A% million-in-federal-funding/) we-needto-be- educatedUI Health Care, Iowa Attorney General’s Office announce statewide opioid on-wagethefttreatment program, funded by $3.8employmentmillion studentsettlement payment%2F ( announce-statewide-opioid-treatmentprogram-funded-by-3-8-million- (https://twitter text=Opinion settlement/) | We need to be Hawks, other raptors attend games at educated on wage Kinnick to boost conservation education theft&url=http efforts ( other-raptors-attend-games-at-kinnickstadium-to-boost-conservation-educationefforts/)  (//dailyiowan. we-needto-beeducatedon-wagetheftemploymentstudentpayment/? fbclid=IwAR0

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