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Qatar sets minimum wage;
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October 16th, 2020 | Articles, Facts, research, analysis, News, News Flash

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 sets
 Qatar
minimum wage;


Singapore still
intoxicated on
cheap labour
16 October 2020

 Qatar abolishes its
kafala system,
when will
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16 October 2020

 From the
murkiness, a
señora emerges
Simultaneous with establishing the right of migrant workers to
change employers on 30 August 2020 (see the article Qatar
abolishes the kafala system, when will Singapore do so?), Qatar
has also set a non-discriminatory minimum wage for the rst
time. It applies to all workers, of all nationalities, in all sectors,
including domestic workers.

14 October 2020

 World’s largest
glove maker to
repay migrant
workers for their
recruitment fees
13 October 2020

To come into effect in six months’ time, the monthly minimum
wage is set at 1,000 Qatari riyals (QAR), which is equivalent to
Singapore $373.

 $9,000 to help
cousin get a job
that pays $399 per

Minimum allowances have also been xed. Workers are to get


at least QAR 300 ($112) to cover cost of food and QAR 500

10 October 2020

($186) for housing if employers do not provide these bene ts in

 Covid-19 in the
dorms: summary

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