KERALA Police stop capital-bound protesters STAFF REPORTER KOLLAM , FEBRUARY 10, 2021 20:24 IST 20+ Resume Templates UPDATED: FEBRUARY 10, 2021 20:24 IST They were on their to participate in a protest against Ravi Pillai Resume In A group of persons, who were on their way to Thiruvananthapuram to participate in a protest 5 Minutes against NRI businessman B. Ravi Pillai, were taken into custody by the Kollam East police here on Wednesday. The bus from Oachira with nearly 60 protesters was stopped at Chinnakkada around 8 a.m. Cover Letter and the protesters were released in the evening. According to the police, action was Builder taken as a preventive measure as another group had staged a protest in front of Mr. Pillai's home in Kollam last month. Reportedly, the protest was organised by a collective, all of them expatriates working Expertwith Tips NSH Corporation, who alleged that they were terminated from service without any & benefit Examples and the company was owned by Mr. Pillai. Create Online Resume “Around 500 persons from 12 States were fired from the company without any reason. We had conducted a press meeting in Thiruvananthapuram and the Secretariat march was announced earlier. We were taken into custody as part of a malicious plan,” said a protester. Meanwhile, RP Group representatives said that NSH Corporation was a company owned by a Saudi citizen and at present Mr. Pillai had no connection with it.

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