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Long Wait for Justice for Migrant Workers Affected by
Wage Theft
Several repatriated migrant workers await their due wages, months after they
were forced to come home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
By Priyali Dhingra


On Jul 2, 2021

he Covid-19 pandemic surfaced extreme deprivation for migrant workers, with
many kicked out of jobs
without payment of their due

wages. Those who crossed
international borders to seek work
were forced to return to home
countries without salaries and endof-service benefits. Workers residing
in the South-Asian countries of
India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the
Phillippines, among others, bore the
brunt of the wage-theft impact, since
they make up the largest group of
migrant origin countries.
The members of the Migrant Forum
in Asia (MFA) came together to
analyse the number of migrant
workers who had been repatriated to
their origin countries without their
due salaries after the Covid-19
pandemic hit. The team released its second report of this bi-annual analysis and
documented the cases of wage theft from the period of January and May 2021. This period
coincides with the second wave of Covid-19 in several countries.
The release of this report on June 30th marks the first anniversary of the Justice for Wage
Theft campaign, which is a joint project of trade unions and civil society organizations
inaugurated in June 2020. The campaign calls for swift justice mechanisms for repatriated
migrant workers who have been living their lives waiting for their due wages.



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