05/07/2021 Long Wait for Justice for Migrant Workers Affected by Wage Theft - Delhi Post workers. In the Gulf Cooperation Council region, the workers who filed cases regarding wage theft in UAE were primarily from four countries. These included a substantive 324 cases from India, 13 from Bangladesh, 9 from Nepal, and 11 from the Philippines. Also Read : Migrant Workers and Childcare in Thailand and Myanmar From India, the maximum number of wage theft cases were registered in UAE, accounting for 51.9% of the total caseload, followed by Kuwait (27.1%) and KSA (20.6%). The report states that a high number of undocumented cases of wage theft in Kuwait were Indian males in the construction industry. “For the period of January-May 2021, Indian migrant workers account for the highest number of cases within the construction sector (595 out of 657). Moreover, out of 620 total cases registered by Indian workers, maximum cases were reported from the construction sector (595),” the study reads. A gender analysis of wage theft cases concluded that female migrants in the care sector were most affected. Apart from domestic work, female migrants in the field of hospitality, sanitation, and salons, spas, etc, were reported as being affected by wage theft. “In many cases, origin countries were willfully ignorant of ground realities of abuse that occurs at their place of work, thereby dehumanizing the female migrant worker and removing her from accessing her human and labour rights,” it read. “There is a continued lack of access to justice mechanisms further revealed in this time of crisis. Undeniably, there is a need for increased, proactive, bilateral multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration to address such situations [of wage theft] underlined by the data we all collect, which we have the responsibility to collect,” Nenette Motus, Regional Director of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Asia-Pacific, said. The report in mention, ‘Crying Out For Justice: Wage Theft Against Migrant Workers during Covid-19’, can be accessed here.  Labour Migration MFA Migrant Forum in Asia Migrant Media Migrant Workers Pandemic Wage theft Priyali Dhingra https://delhipostnews.com/long-wait-for-justice-for-migrant-workers-affected-by-wage-theft/ 3/4

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