 We'd like to notify you about the latest Become a Member  updates  You can unsubscribe from notifications anytime Later Allow Ire against Saudi company NSH, scores of workers say they were sacked during pandemic Many of the former workers staged a protest against billionaire Ravi Pillai who has ties with the company. IMAGE FOR REPRESENTATION NEWS NRK GRIEVANCES | THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2021 - 20:41 Saritha S Balan  Follow @Sarithasbalan  Anilkumar Vijayan was an employee of the Nasser S. AL Hajri Corporation (NSH), an industrial contractor for construction companies in Saudi Arabia, for 23 years. He was retrenched from his job in July 2020. The reason cited by his employer was the COVID-19 pandemic. Anilkumar, however, alleges that he was not paid compensation or end service bene ts when he was terminated from the job. “As per the company rules, if a person has worked there for two years, he should be paid two months' salary as compensation if red. This amount increases as the service period of the employee increases," he says. According to complaints received by Lawyers Beyond Borders (LLB), an international non-pro t organisation that works for the rights of migrant workers, scores of workers were sacked from the company after the pandemic began. Most of them are aged above 50.

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