1 Delayed payment of wages Although in several CODs there are laws or policies stating that the salaries should be paid to the bank account of the employee every month, there is no strict implementation of this provision. Moreover, a common practice is keeping employees' bank debit cards with the employer on the pretext of safekeeping (particularly in the case of domestic workers). The salary is deposited and withdrawn by the employer. Either a part or sometimes the entire salary is taken by the employer. 2 Deduction of wages due to sick/earned leave 3 Deduction of wages for false insurance payment A major point of wage deduction are collection or deduction of wages in the name of insurance, medical examination, and other necessary cards – typically these are to be paid by the company and despite laws and changes of policy to emphasize employer accountability in payment of such charges, CSOs continued to observe cases before and during the pandemic. Workers were also asked to go on unpaid leave or their wages were deducted for taking sick leave or earned leave as well. Wages were arbitrarily for accidental damage to property (e.g. tablewares and home appliances) at work although this is not allowed by any law. 5 Wage theft due to lack of information on contract 4 Reduced wages due to small mistakes There are wage theft cases because of a lack of proper and adequate information in the agreement and the contract they receive when they are in the country of origin.

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