17/05/2021 Home  Qatar swiftly intervenes to resolve salary issues after workers' protest - Doha News | Qatar News Qatar swiftly intervenes to resolve salary issues after workers’ protest By Menatalla Ibrahim April 28, 2021 [Twitter] The labour law reforms introduced a minimum monthly basic wage of 1,000 Qatari riyals QR [275 USD]. A group of security guards staged a peaceful protest in Qatar on Monday to demand an increase to their salary to meet the minimum wage set by the reformed labour law, sourced told Doha News. The workers are all employees of European Security [EGSSCO], one of the largest security companies in Qatar, and accused the company of refusing to adjust their pay as per updated labour laws in the Gulf state. In a memo, the protest organisers called for colleagues to “unite as brother” in launching a a peaceful demonstration on April 26, if the company refuses to pay them their basic salary. https://www.dohanews.co/qatar-swiftly-intervenes-to-resolve-salary-issues-after-workers-protest/?fbclid=IwAR3gMdmQLauWcgctwbdkqSMh3Dh_… 1/4

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