TWITTER FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ RSS FEED Search ... FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE FOR MIGRANT WORKERS HOME ACTIVITY NEWS PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT SBMI RULES CASE COMPLAINTS THE INDONESIAN CONSULATE GENERAL FOLLOWS UP THE SBMI COMPLAINTS RELATED TO THE CASE OF UNPAYED SCHOOLS IN JEDDAH CONTACT Popular Recent Random INDRAMAYU TKI RELATED, PASSED WITHOUT QISOS Posted on 10/12/2020by DPN SBMI April 30, 2014 The Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah has followed up on the complaint made by SBMI Jeddah regarding the case KANIM SOETTA'S COMMITMENT, WILL NOT ASK KTKLN October 6, 2013 IN USIR DURING MEDIATION, HARIYANTO REPORTED SUWARJI of 5 Indonesian crew members who were not paid their wages for 10 months and did not receive food supplies. October 9, 2013 LEARNING TO IDENTIFY THE CRIME OF TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS July 29, 2017 To SBMI Jeddah, ABK representative Hendri Sa said that the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah had visited their workplace in the Dha'ban Beach area, about 70 km from the city of Jeddah on Sunday (11/10) morning. Hendri Sa and his friends admitted that they were shocked and did not expect that their report through SBMI received a quick response from the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah. According to the information from the DPLN SBMI Jeddah Communication & Information Division Team, Roland Kamal, the employees of the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah who visited the crew, namely the KJRI Technical Staff, Muhammad Yusuf and the Consular Staff of the Indonesian Consulate General, Ilham and his team. "The presence of Pak Ilham from the Consular and Pak Yusuf as the Chief Technical Staff of the Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah is certainly touching the crew, who have been shaking their fate for 10 months because they don't get a salary, they don't even get food supplies," said Roland. On behalf of DPLN SBMI Jeddah, Roland Kamal complained about this case directly to the Indonesian Consul General in Jeddah, Eko Hartono when SBMI Jeddah held a Group Discussion Forum on Friday (9/10). LIST OF ASIAN COUNTRIES FOR BMI'S WORKING OBJECTIVES September 19, 2019 IT IS NOT CLEAR WHEN TO RELEASE, SBMI LOTIM ASKES SPONSORS TO RETURN 3 PLACEMENT COSTS OF BMI CANDIDATES October 22, 2020 SBMI KUBU RAYA ASSIST THE PROCESS OF RETURNING BMI'S BMI FROM MALAYSIA October 21, 2020 SBMI JEDDAH SAMBANGI 5 INDONESIAN CREW WHO STRANDED IN SAUDI ARABIA October 21, 2020 NURAKHMAN NORMANDIKA CHOOSED TO BE CHAIRMAN OF DPC SBMI CIREBON FROM MUSCABLUB October 18, 2020 CHAIRMAN AND VEHICLE INACTIVE, SBMI CIREBON PREPARES AN EXTRAORDINARY MUSCAB October 16, 2020

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