In an interview, Dariusz Kawka of Solidarnosc in the Lubawa factory explained that at the end of
2020 the situation at their workplace became challenging as the company questioned the
number of members of their union. He said that their union responded by bringing the issue to
the labour court, together with their demand for fair wages. The court reportedly favored the
union which agreed to a 35 percent wage increase. Kawka said that the victory ironically
doubled their union’s membership, something which the company is opposing in the rst
Meanwhile in Zbaszynek, Solidarnosc leader Michal Kukula and Piotr Brambor of Budowlani
said that they launched a similar campaign for fair wages, drawing inspiration largely from their
fellow workers in Lubawa.
The trade unionists said that the campaign paid off. Mid-March of this year, salaries at the
Zbasszynek plant was put at the same level as Lubawa’s.
The trade union leaders said that it is crucial for workers to raise their voices to demand and win
better terms for workers. They said that as more workers join unions, it increases chances for
them to secure a better future.
The “IKEA Workers’ Caravan of Stories” is a BWI campaign that aims to provide IKEA workers
from different countries a platform to share with one another their working lives and

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