DONATE VOLUNTEER  DONATE Search ... VOLUNTEER Qatar abolishes its kafala system, We Are  What We Do  whenWhowill Singapore do so? Articles  Lexicon  Find Us Get Involved  October 16th, 2020 | Articles, Facts, research, analysis, News, News Flash Recent Posts News  sets  Qatar minimum wage;  Singapore still intoxicated on cheap labour 16 October 2020  Qatar abolishes its kafala system, when will Singapore do so? 16 October 2020  From the murkiness, a On 30 August 2020, Qatar made sweeping changes to its labour señora emerges laws that tore down its kafala system. 14 October 2020 From here on, migrant workers are free to switch to other jobs after giving the necessary notice to their former employers. The new rules establish clear and quite simple procedures for doing so. The kafala system, or sponsorship system, is one where a migrant worker needs a sponsor — usually an employer — to enter and work in the country (up till 2018, the Qatari sponsor must also agree before the worker could leave the country). Such a system effectively gives the sponsor or employer enormous control over the migrant worker and the kafala system is widely reviled as an enabler of forced labour. Until this recent change, migrant workers in Qatar had to obtain a No Objection Certi cate (NOC) from their employer before  World’s largest glove maker to repay migrant workers for their recruitment fees 13 October 2020  $9,000 to help cousin get a job that pays $399 per month 10 October 2020  Covid-19 in the dorms: summary

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