‘I will fight for compensation’
An Indian woman tailor in UAE
who was injured in a road accident
and repatriated in a wheelchair
has moved papers to fight a
compensation case.
Rejimon Kuttappan
On September 19, 2019, Anitha
Kumary, a 51-year-old Indian
woman tailor, was hit by a car in
Abu Dhabi. She suffered a severe
consciousness. She was rushed to
the Acute Emergency section of
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.
She was put in the Intensive Care
Unit for five days and when medics
found some progress, she was
moved to the monitored bed.
Finally, she was discharged on
October 6. Even at the time of
discharge, she wasn’t able to stand
independently or sit without
And on a wheelchair, she was repatriated to India on October 15.
“Even now, I have to take medicines for some 14 USD. Every month, I have to visit a medic.
If I stop medicines, I will lose my eyesight and memory, says the medic,” Anitha said.
“Without a job, salary, and no other source of income, it is quite hard to survive. I was sent
empty-handed. I didn’t get a single penny as an accident claim. And as my employer had
cunningly made me sign my visa cancelation at the hospital, I am not able to go back to UAE
too,” Anith added.
Anitha had migrated to UAE in 2019 January as a tailor. As she is a Class 10 pass, she didn’t
fall under the Emigration Clearance Required (ECR) category. She falls under the non-ECR
passport holding category.

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