18/01/2021 “We Are All Going To Die Here” | Migrant-Rights.org Bahrain “We Are All Going To Die Here” 150 workers from Orlando construction company in Bahrain, victims of wage-the , now contend with Covid-19 infections On June 26, 2020 Around 150 workers from Orlando Construction Company W.L.L. have not been paid for three to six months. The workers, primarily from India and Bangladesh, are struggling to survive in a dilapidated camp without food and income, and with little help from embassy and government authorities. With three workers recently testing positive for Covid-19, the situation has become even more precarious. Two were transferred to the quarantine facility in Sitra, while the other is isolated in a https://www.migrant-rights.org/2020/06/we-are-all-going-to-die-here/ 1/4

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