"How migrants in the Gulf are fighting discrimination during the Your privacy choices for this site pandemic," 8 Apr 2021 This site uses cookies and other web storage technologies to enhance In theexperience Gulf alone, beyond over 700necessary Keralite workers have reported non-payment of your core functionality. wages since the pandemic began… with millions of migrant workers in the Accepthigher. all region, the true number is likely much Wage theft – the denial of wages or benefits Manage choicesrightfully owed to an employee – could devastate Kerala’s economy… Since the pandemic began, close to 900,000 Keralites have been repatriated from around the world, the highest number of any Indian state. Almost 95% returned from the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states… Most workers are not aware of how to report their employers for withholding wages, leading to cases being registered late and delayed investigations. And there are complicated issues of legal jurisdiction. Those who have returned to Kerala cannot file legal cases against their employers without a power of attorney in their destination country. Dernières actualités Mis à jour: 14:52 05 août 2021 Actualiser Espagne : Deliveroo envisage de mettre fin à ses activités dans le pays où la loi imposera le statut de salariés aux livreurs Article 4 Août 2021 Le Point de contact national français auprès de l’OCDE demande à Privacy Teleperformance de « renforcer son devoir de diligence» pour que

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