01/09/2020 Changes in the labour market in Qatar: Dismantling the kafala system and introducing a minimum wage mark new era for Qatar lab… further strengthening the capacity of inspectors. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) said, “This is very good news for migrant workers in Qatar. The leadership shown by Qatar in dismantling the kafala system and introducing a minimum wage is long-awaited news for all workers. The ITUC stands ready to support the Government of Qatar in the implementation of this historic move, to ensure all workers are aware of the new rules and benefit from them. Other countries in the region should follow Qatar’s example.” Roberto Suárez Santos Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) said, “These reforms will make a major contribution to the efficiency and productivity of the Qatar labour market. IOE stands ready to support the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Government in supporting employers during this transition. Our congratulations to Qatar and its Chamber of Commerce!” The ILO has worked closely with Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs and with employers’ and workers’ organizations to support the adoption and enhancement of laws, policies and procedures relating to labour market mobility and the new minimum wage in Qatar. Further support will be provided for the implementation and enforcement of the new laws. Tags: labour market, minimum wage, discrimination Regions and countries covered: Global, Qatar See also Web page ILO Topic Portal on Labour Law  © 1996-2020 International Labour Organization (ILO) | Copyright and permissions | Privacy policy | Fraud alert | Disclaimer https://www.ilo.org/beirut/projects/qatar-office/WCMS_754391/lang--en/index.htm#:~:text=Following the adoption on 30,(NOC) from their employer 3/3

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