Access to Justice is Still a Challenge for Bangladeshi Migrant Women A research report released last month by OKUP, a grassroots migrant organisation, in Bangladesh, reveals that out of the 262 returnee migrant women cases they compiled, nearly 95 percent of them were recruited by unauthorised sub-agents or sub-sub-agents. Rejimon Kuttappan When Naima (name changed), a Bangladeshi domestic worker in Saudi Arabia, couldn’t adjust to her abusive employer, she decided to return home. But for her return, her husband had to pay USD 350 to the sub-agent in Dhaka who facilitated her migration in 2018. “I was physically abused. When I couldn’t withstand the torture, I fled from that home and called my husband. And when he managed to pay the sub-agent in Dhaka the money he asked, I was able to return,” she told to an interpreter arranged by this reporter.

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