HC pained to see plight of MCD employees not getting salaries, pensions

The bench also asked the SDMC and EDMC, represented through advocate
Manu Chaturvedi, to take similar
steps toSCROLL
augment their resources, as being
done by NrDMC, and file their respective affidavits detailing the steps taken.
Advocate Divya Prakash Pande, representing NrDMC, said the outstanding
amount of salaries and pensions is around Rs 600 crore and while the second
and third instalment of GIA and BTA is paid in September-October, if the
Delhi government could pay some amount early as an exception for this year,
it will help the corporation in catching up on payment of arrears.
However, this was opposed by senior advocate Rahul Mehra, appearing for
the Delhi government, saying NrDMC cannot keep on coming to the court
asking government to provide funds and it should generate its own funds to
meet the obligations.
Regarding the Delhi government’s claim that the NrDMC had been
advocating that its six hospitals be handed over to the Central government to
reduce the annual expenditure incurred by the civic body which is facing
financial constraints, the corporation’s counsel said the proposal was
rejected by the House due to which it was never sent to the Centre for
The court said whether the hospitals have to be handed over for management
to the Centre or the Delhi government, is a decision of the NrDMC, however,
the decision has to be based on financial aspects.
The bench said “We can’t have a situation when on one hand NrDMC
is not able to meet primary obligation of paying salaries and pensions of
employees and on the other hand, it is insisting on retaining and running
corporation’s hospitals which could not generate any revenue but are

“It is, therefore, imperative for NrDMC to revisit this aspect and take a
financially good policy decision and if it is still of the view that the six
hospitals are to be retained and run by it, it should also apply its mind as to
how and from where it has to generate revenue to run the institutions,” it


source of expenditure for it.”

The court said it would be necessary for the NrDMC to consider how it would
upgrade its hospitals in terms of technology in the medical field as it would be
unfair to the citizens of the city of the corporation do not give facilities at par
with other hospitals in Delhi.
The bench directed the NrDMC to examine this aspect and file an affidavit
disclosing its expenditures incurred on each of the municipal corporators
towards their salaries and perks and other expenses and observed that the
plight of employees and pensioners have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to
addressing the issues of staff.
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