BUILDING SYNERGY AND SOLIDITY, SBMI MEMPAWAH HOLDS MANAGEMENT COORDINATION MEETING Fredy further explained that when he complained to BP2MI, his party brought 32 cases of ABK, all of which were cases of unpaid wages. The Chairman of SBMI, Hariyanto, assessed that whatever the problem behind the crew members being sent home, their right to wages must September 29, 2020 NEED TO RETURN TO RETURN 4 VICTIMS ORDER FROM CHINA be fully paid. According to Hariyanto, the unpaid salary of the crew members is included in the category of wage theft. September 14, 2019 "The theft of wages is the deduction of part or all of the wages that FULL OF INFORMATION, KEMNAKER WILL LAUNCH THE GO TKI APPLICATION should be the right of a crew member as stated in the Sea Work Agreement (PKL). This is often done by ship owners, ship captains, January 25, 2016 IN WONOSOBO, SBMI'S 13TH ANNIVERSARY PRESERVES CULTURE maning agencies by, among other things, not paying the agreed work wages at street vendors, not giving bonus rights that have been promised in street vendors, not giving guarantee money when February 27, 2016 DISCLOSING THE REALITY OF CONTRACTUAL VIOLATIONS AGAINST MIGRANT WORKERS repatriated due to company or party mistakes. captain / owner of the ship, ”explained Hariyanto September 4, 2020 THE IMPORTANCE OF A GENDER PERSPECTIVE IN HANDLING MIGRANT WORKER PROBLEMS Related December 6, 2019 Case Stagnated, SBMI Accompanying 3 Former Taiwan Ship Crew members Visiting Polda Metro Jaya 09/18/2020 in "Highlight" PRESS RELEASE 27 AUGUST 2020: SBMI-GREENPEACE ISSUED THE GOVERNMENT TO APPROVE ABK PROTECTION RPP 09/23/2020 in "Press Release" INVESTIGATION REPORT ON THE CASE OF INDONESIAN ABK SHIP 2015 - JULY 2020 09/23/2020 in "Public Report" TWITTER @SBMI_PUSAT Tweet by @SBMI_PUSAT Indonesian Migrant Workers Union @SBMI_PUSAT… This entry was posted in Event News , After Work . Bookmark the permalink . Leave Your Comments Ketikkan komentar di sini... Locked up by Syarikah in a sick conditi… Halimah: Please, Sir. I asked to be sent h… 18 Sep 2020 Indonesian Migrant Workers Union @SBMI_PUSAT… Attach Look on Twitter

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