BWI Building and Wood Workers' International STIEU seals another wage agreement The Sabah Timber Industry Employees Union (STIEU) signed another wage agreement on behalf of aggrieved workers, this time with timber company, Fu Yee Corporation. On 11 March, the union entered into an agreement with the company which was witnessed by labour department of cials. STIEU said that Fu Yee’s workers, many of whom are Indonesians, received wages which were slashed by half by the company during the start of the pandemic. “It has been a long battle lled with many ups and downs. We are extremely relieved that the case was resolved fairly. Together with the company’s ful llment of its promise to reinstate the workers, we have reached the conclusion of this campaign. The workers have been through so much, to see them receive what is rightfully theirs is satisfying for us,” STIEU General Secretary Engrit Liaw said. Aside from wage cuts, it was reported that the workers faced deportation as their work permits were prematurely terminated by the company. To support STIEU’s campaign, BWI sent a letter to Fu Yee calling for the workers’ reinstatement and release of the remaining 50 percent of their salaries, which it said were illegally deducted from them.

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