24/11/2020 HRW Qatar report highlights ongoing wage theft and lack of protections, despite promises | Migrant-Rights.org Qatar HRW Qatar report highlights ongoing wage theft and lack of protections, despite promises On August 24, 2020 In a comprehensive report on wage the in Qatar, Human Rights Watch highlights the scale of violations and the ine ectiveness of the Wage Protection System (WPS) and justice mechanisms in holding employers responsible. The report, How Can We Work Without Wages?’: Salary Abuses Facing Migrant Workers Ahead of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022, in which 93 workers were interviewed said: Qatar continues to deny evidence of wage theft In its response to HRW report, Qatar’s Government Communications O ce (GCO) accused to the organisation of misleading readers. The GCO also said: “The current report contains repeated inaccuracies aro policies and does not re ect the current situation in Qatar. Nearly all individuals who come to Qatar for employment never experience any form wage abuse. There are a few, isolated, instances where workers experience issue. These cases have declined as laws and regulations have driven fundamental and lasting change.” These claims are inaccurate and far from the truth of the experiences of workers. Migrant-Rights.org’s ongoing reporting and assistance to workers Qatar attests to the reality that wage theft is rampant in the country and th there are many barriers to access to justice that make it impossible for wor to receive any meaningful resolution. The GCO also said: “We never heard about these issues in real time or in an our engagement with them. If notice had taken place earlier, the governme would have worked to address the issues raised by the workers interviewed https://www.migrant-rights.org/2020/08/hrw-qatar-report-highlights-ongoing-wage-theft-and-lack-of-protections-despite-promises/ 1/4

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