06/07/2021 Wage Theft Case; UAE Leads in Numbers - Indian Flash News  HOMEPAGE INDIAN FLASH NEWS   TOPNEWS GULF / TOPNEWS Wage Theft Case; UAE Leads in Numbers The UAE has the largest wage theft cases registered among the migrant population in Asia and the Gulf region, according to a latest report of the Migrant Forum in Asia released recently. The UAE has 357 known registered cases on wage theft. In Saudi Arabia, 252 cases has been registered, said the report “Crying Out for Justice: Wage Theft Against Migrant Workers during COVID-19”. The analysis report documents cases of wage theft from the January to May 2021. Kuwait cases, 60, Bahrain 46,L t had 182 registered   Malaysia 95,  Philippines  https://indianf.com/8619-2-wage-theft/amp/ 1/9

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