12/08/2021 Wage theft in the Gulf: All is not lost for returnee Keralites, say experts- The New Indian Express By Rajesh Abraham Express News Service KOCHI: Amid reports of ‘wage thefts’ running into hundreds of crores by Gulf employers of Keralites who returned to their state following job losses, experts have said there is still hope for the returnees to get the money owed to them.The experts said this will be possible if the Centre takes proactive steps, on the lines of the governments of Singapore and the Philippines. “Indian embassies in the Gulf region should intervene by providing legal aid or pro-bono lawyers in wage theft cases and filing claims in the Gulf labour courts on behalf of the returnees,” said Divya Balan, who teaches migration studies at https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/2021/aug/11/wage-theft-in-the-gulf-all-is-not-lost-for-returnee-keralites-say-experts-2343017.html 2/11

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