Development Matters Development Matters is a platform for discussions on development opportunities and challenges. Protecting migrant workers in the Gulf: don’t build back better over a poor foundation 19 January 202119 January 2021 Covid-19, Immigration, Jobs, Labour,  Migration Migration, work By Vani Saraswathi, Editor-at-Large and Director of Projects, Migrant-Rights.Org The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) states need to completely revamp past policies, and not merely attempt to bridge gaps or provide a salve to deep wounds. As of February 2020, millions of migrants –– primarily from South and Southeast Asia and increasingly from East African countries –– were holding up Gulf economies, working in sectors and for wages unappealing to the more affluent citizens. In countries with per capita GDP of US$62,000 Construction workers in Dubai, UAE. Photo: LongJon / Shu erstock

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