12/01/2021 Unresolved Labour Cases Pileup at Indian Embassies - TheLeaflet COVID-19 has exposed the cracks of our grievance redressal mechanisms, according to migrant rights activists. Scores of labour disputes of Indian migrants remain unresolved causing a lot of pain and uncertainty about their future. Hundreds of cases have piled up in the Indian Embassies in the Gulf region where a huge migrant population from India work. REJIMON KUTTAPPAN, a migrant rights researcher who has reported and worked on the plight of migrants from India and other nationalities in the Arab Gulf and is presently completing a book on the subject, reports from Thiruvananthapuram. ——- H undreds of Indian migrant workers labour cases remain unresolved at Indian embassies in Saudi Arabia and Oman in 2020 according to data from RTI queries. led by Indian migrant workers between Jan and December 2020. Out of the 2,376 cases led, the embassy could resolve only 645 cases. In 2019, the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia had managed to resolve 98 percent of the Indian migrant workers’ cases. SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES The Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia could resolve only 27 percent of labour cases Talking to The Lea et, Abdul Lateefh, an Indian social worker in Riyadh for the last three decades, said: “COVID-19 restrictions might have been a problem for the Indian embassies in resolving cases. But, the Indian government should have understood the looming crisis and acted on time by https://www.theleaflet.in/unresolved-labour-cases-pileup-at-indian-embassies/# 2/13

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