17/03/2021 How did 5,000 salary claims a year become 1,400 over five years? – TWC2 DONATE VOLUNTEER  DONATE Search ... VOLUNTEER How did 5,000 salary claims a We Are  What We Do  year Who become 1,400 over ve Lexicon  years? Find Us Articles  Get Involved  March 8th, 2021 | Articles, Facts, research, analysis, Media Coverage, News, Our Stand Recent Posts News  trusted his  Azom boss, only to have  that trust abused 16 March 2021  Give domestic workers a break 15 March 2021  Employers claw back cost of stayhome period from arriving workers 12 March 2021  Scaffolder’s story surfaces many issues: overtime, injury, salary and Getting data from the Singapore government often feels like kickbacks trying to draw blood from stone. Information comes out in dribs 11 March 2021 and drabs. At different times — and sometimes even in the same report — the numbers refer to varying and incongruent time periods. Another frustration is that sometimes numbers  How did 5,000 salary claims a are disclosed, while elsewhere on the same page, it is year become 1,400 percentages that are mentioned (without disclosing the base over ve years? numbers). Terminology is left unde ned and one suspects that 8 March 2021 the meaning of even the same word can vary from one report to another, perhaps depending on political expediency. Read this paragraph 52 from Second Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng’s speech at the Committee of Supply debate on 3 March 2021:  Without a social safety net, Mutaleb has to rely on charity after an injury 7 March 2021 twc2.org.sg/2021/03/08/how-did-5000-salary-claims-a-year-become-1400-over-five-years/?fbclid=IwAR3ndC6fHNpfjRFmcV9VKV2f4_D0-B5MyB… 1/8

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