12/01/2021 Migration News Wage Earners Contribution to Rural Development of Bangladesh FOLLOW US: Search … Home Rohingya, Migrants Add to New HIV Patients in Banglade HOME OPINION WAGE EARNERS CONTRIBUTION TO RURAL DEVELOPMENT OF BANGLADESH Wage Earners Contribution to Rural Development of Bangladesh Jul. 04, 2020 Tweet Aminul Hoque Tushar Share 38 Print Bangladesh has received remittance of more than US $18 billion in 2019, according to central bank, where the lions share were of temporary Bangladeshi migrant workers. The Bangladeshi migrants work in more than 173 countries worldwide. This remittance has become a critical means of financial support for generations, which worth much comparing with the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and income from Readymade Garments (RGM).Though the importance of remittances to poverty alleviation is obvious, yet the potential multiplier effect on economic growth and business investment has to address. https://migrationnewsbd.com/news/view/32315/54/Wage-Earners-Contribution-to-Rural-Development-of-Bangladesh 1/7

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