06/10/2020 Tak Digaji karena Perusahaan Terdampak Covid-19, 72 BMI di Malaysia Alami Kerugian Rp 856 Juta | SBMI TWITTER FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ RSS FEEDS Search... FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE FOR MIGRANT WORKERS HOME ACTIVITY NEWS PRESS RELEASE ABOUT SBMI RULES CASE COMPLAINT CONTACT UKIP'S NIGEL FARAGE SAYS HE'S 'NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR MEGYN TIMES' Popular Posted on 10/02/2020 by DPN SBMI April 30th 2014 KANIM SOETTA COMMITMENT, WILL NOT ASK KTKLN October 6th 2013 USMAN NEWS AND RUMOURS: 'JOSE MOURINHO WANTS TOTTENHAM'S DAVID DO NOT WANT TOTTENHAM TO STAY AT OLD' October 9th 2013 LEARN TO IDENTIFY PEOPLE TRAFFICKING CRIMES According to the statement of the Advocacy Coordinator of DPN SBMI, Salsa Nofelia who received the complaint of the case, the basic salary of the BMI per month is RM 1,100 (about Rp 3.85 million). When housed for four months, they only get a meal fee of RM 250 (about Rp 875 thousand). So, with a monthly base salary of 1,100 ringgit, each of them loses the right to pay 850 ringgit per month because they can only eat 250 ringgit. Random TKI INDRAMAYU REPATRIATED, ESCAPED WITHOUT IN QISOS A total of 72 Indonesian Migrant Workers (BMI) factory workers (factories) in Malaysia suffered losses of about Rp 856 million because for about four months, their salaries were not paid. Since April 2020, 72 BMI has been started at home, until July 2020 the company they work for is completely closed due to covid-19 impact. Recent July 29th 2017 LIST OF ASIAN COUNTRIES THAT ARE BMI WORK DESTINATIONS September 19, 2019 A NUMBER OF PALM OIL PLANTATION MIGRANT WORKERS IN SABAH AGREED TO FORM DPLN SBMI October 5th 2020 "So the total amount of their losses over four months is 850 times 72 (people) times 4 (months) equal to 244,800 ringgit or about Rp 856.8 SBMI SUKABUMI: SPONSORS WHO DEPART NON-PROCEDURAL MIGRANT WORKERS MUST BE ERADICATED million," salsa said. October 4th 2020 Furthermore Salsa explained, the company they work for in Malaysia has repatriated the BMI on September 13, 2020. While the process of repatriating them to their respective home regions has been facilitated by the Indonesian government. "They have been repatriated to their respective home regions. They're happy enough to go back to the country and assume the case is over. But the fact that we got, that as a result of this covid-19 pandemic there are hundreds of millions of BMI salaries stolen," explained Salsa. FIVE DPC SBMI TULUNGAGUNG ADMINISTRATORS TAKE PART IN VILLAGE ASSISTANCE TEAM CAPACITY STRENGTHENING TRAINING October 2, 2020 UKIP'S NIGEL FARAGE SAYS HE'S 'NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR MEGYN TIMES' October 2, 2020 SBMI ALSO DESA OF INDONESIA PRIORITIZES P-KS BILL IN PROLEGNAS 2021 https://sbmi.or.id/?p=12105 1/3

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