Activity Guide MIGRANTS' MONTH 2 0 2 1 CALENDAR ARAB REPORTERS FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM (ARIJ) WAGE THEFT REPORT LAUNCH december 3-5 MFA and ARIJ collaborated in writing a report on wage theft cases in the Arab region. The report will be available in Arabic and English and is expected to be launched during the ARIJ 14th Annual Forum. The exact schedule of the report launch is still being finalized. Click here to register "MIGRANT WORKERS' ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOR WAGE THEFT: WHAT WORKS?" STUDY LAUNCH 4pm manila december A new global study from Migrant Justice Institute Co-Executive Directors, together with the ILAW Network and Solidarity Center, identifies the most promising innovations improving migrant workers' recovery of unpaid wages through justice mechanisms. 7 Click here to register TAKING BACK WHAT'S OURS: ACHIEVING JUSTICE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 6:30pm manila december On Human Rights Day, a session will be organized to highlight success stories of migrant workers and advocates in achieving justice and claiming wages through litigation processes, as well as stories of empowerment among workers who experienced wage theft during COVID-19. 10 Click here to register WAGE THEFT DOCUMENTATION WORKSHOP 4pm manila december As a network-building and capacity-building effort, the JFWT campaign will be facilitating an open workshop for advocates on documenting cases of wage theft experienced by migrant workers, through the JFWT documentation system. The workshop aims to further build the evidence-based advocacy of the JFWT campaign. 14 Click here to register Justice for Wage Theft @justiceforwagetheft

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