to. Maduro said: “36 weeks after the coronavirus hit, we have a more
powerful health system.” He said 95% of patients in Venezuela have
recovered and everyone has received free medical care.
On Saturday, Dr. Samuel Darío Mogollón died of complications of COVID19. Many of the deaths of healthcare personnel aren’t counted in the
government’s figures, as several NGOs have said.
NGO Observatorio de Conflictividad Laboral del Instituto de Altos
Estudios Sindicales counted 301 workers’ protests in October: 93% for
wages and salaries. In 27 out of 301 there was repression from the regime.
Minimum wage in Venezuela is still the lowest in the world, less than a
dollar a month.
NGO Prepara Familia said that on November 28th, a ten-year-old called
Deyvis Román died at the J.M. de Los Ríos Hospital. Deyvis was granted
precautionary measures by the IAHRC, so the Venezuelan State would
protect him and guarantee medical treatment.
ONG Fundaredes denounced 70 illegal landing stripes in six border states:
“The use of Venezuelan territory for illicit activities brings as a consequence
the battle over control of those areas by irregular armed groups,” said Javier
The Central Hidroeléctrica Simón Bolívar, at the Guri dam, is operating
above their max, jeopardizing the machine room in the case of a flood, said
expert José Aguilar, who called the situation an “irresponsibility”: “With
Guri, the heart of the Venezuelan electrical system, there’s no playing
On Saturday night, Trinidad and Tobago deported 160 Venezuelan
migrants, knowing they’re escaping a complex humanitarian emergency and
a dictatorship. The Security Minister explained that all those people entered
the island illegally, even though a Supreme Court justice managed to stop
the deportation of other 19 migrants. The most serious part, denounced by
David Smolansky, is that the deportation was done under the custody of
officials of the Maduro regime. This coordinated action was done by
Nicolás’s Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza On Saturday the IOM and the

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