Nicolás s Foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza. On Saturday, the IOM and the
UNHCR said there’s a total of 5.4 million Venezuelan migrants and

refugees. Around 80% (4.6 million) in Latin America and the Caribbean. It
doesn’t matter how many they send back; they’ll keep leaving.
For the ninth time after he was detained, the TSJ suspended the trial
against Rodney Álvarez, a Ferrominera worker, detained since 2011. His
lawyer, Manuel Sarabia, explained that less than a month after the trial
began, it was stopped again because of a judge change. He reiterated that
Álvarez’s is a political case.
The ANC-imposed president of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo, said that they held
the ninth audit of the voting machines on Sunday. She said that over 90% of
the machines that will be used in the “election” of next weekend were
verified. Over 20 million people are called to vote in this fraud, because the
CNE’s permanent registry is outdated and it doesn’t count the millions of
migrants out of the country.
Maduro said that this week the quarantine wasn’t radical, despite “the
pandemic still being here.” However, he announced as an achievement that,
“starting tomorrow, November 30th, four weeks of total flexibilization begin
in 53 sectors of the economy.” He also announced that, starting this
Monday, the curfew at municipalities on the border is lifted. With opacity,
with the disinformation behind the electoral fraud, with the risks that PSUV
has imposed on employees and members in mass conventions, the risk of
spreading grows higher in a country with a destroyed health system and no
“I already have the toys from Baby Jesus for Venezuelan children and the
pork for 6 million families,” said Maduro.
Outside the regime-controlled TV version of reality, incentives for the
election are less romantic than they’re in the narrative. Jaime Bello-León
said: “There was a ‘kilo of rice for your vote’ journey by my house (…)
everyone in line lost so much weight. They couldn’t hide the sadness,
Meanwhile, in state-owned TV station, VTV, Maduro praised the alleged
debate of candidates that have been going on for weeks and assured it was

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