17/08/2021 (1) New Message! (/) 25.12°C Kathmandu Tue, Aug 17, 2021 Air Quality in Kathmandu: 70 (/airquality) NATIONAL (/NATIONAL) Victims of wage theft, migrant Nepalis are losing hope of recovering their money Although Nepali workers returning home without salary, bonus and other company benefits has been common for years, the issue of wage theft came to the fore after the pandemic. More than 400 Nepali workers were repatriated during the early days of the pandemic last year. Photo courtesy: Maheshwor Nepal Earn Crypto 24/7 Join now and earn Cryptocurrency https://kathmandupost.com/national/2021/08/15/victims-of-wage-theft-migrant-nepalis-are-losing-hope-of-recovering-their-money?fbclid=IwAR3nj… 1/9

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