09/12/2020 DIBOHONGI MAJIKAN, 7 TAHUN KERJA DI ARAB SAUDI BMI ASAL CIANJUR TAK DIBAYAR GAJI | SBMI TWITTER FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ RSS FEEDS Search... FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE FOR MIGRANT WORKERS HOME NEWS ACTIVITIES PRESS RELEASE ABOUT SBMI RULES CASE COMPLAINTS CONTACT 7-YEAR-OLD BOY FOUND IN SAUDI ARABIA BMI NOT PAID SALARY Popular Posted on 11/29/2020 by DPN SBMI Recent Random TKI INDRAMAYU REPATRIATED, ESCAPED WITHOUT QISOS Siti Nurjanah binti Aep Dading April 30, 2014 (50), Indonesian Migrant Worker (BMI) from Kampung Tarikolot RT04/RW03, Cinangsi Village, Cikalong Kulon District, Cianjur KANIM SOETTA'S COMMITMENT, WILL NOT ASK KTKLN October 6, 2013 DI BANISHED DURING MEDIATION, HARIYANTO REPORT SUWARJI Regency, West Java felt lied to by her employer about salary while working in Saudi Arabia for 7 years. October 9, 2013 LEARN TO IDENTIFY TRAFFICKING CRIMES July 29, 2017 This was expressed by Siti when she complained to the Branch Leadership Council (DPC) SBMI Cianjur a few months ago. LIST OF ASIAN COUNTRIES BMI AIMS TO WORK IN September 19, 2019 DEMAND SALARY, SBMI TEGAL DAMPINGI DOZENS OF ABK HELD ACTION IN FRONT OF THE PT OFFICE. PJS To SBMI Cianjur, Siti said that her employer in Saudi Arabia had sodomized a letter of agreement that must be signed by Siti stating that her salary had been paid. At that time her employer promised to transfer her salary when Siti had returned to Indonesia. December 4, 2020 7-YEAR-OLD BOY FOUND IN SAUDI ARABIA BMI NOT PAID SALARY But in fact, Siti was lied to by her employer. Since Siti was repatriated to Indonesia on November 15, 2019, until now her salary has not been transferred. Siti further said that in 2018, she was delivered by her employer to the Embassy of Riyadh on the grounds that the employer could not pay Siti's salary during her work for approximately 7 years. At that time, Siti said, her employer complained to the Riyadh Embassy of cials named Mamat, Gugun, and Ibnu Malik. Finally, Siti stayed in the shelter of the Embassy of Riyadh for 1 year and Siti was persuaded to come forward with a salary receipt letter delayed by her employer. The employer promised to pay all salaries after Siti arrived in Indonesia by transfer. "In fact, since Siti was repatriated to Indonesia in mid-2019, the salary promised to be transferred by her employer has not been there. That is, https://sbmi.or.id/?p=12320 November 29, 2020 AGAIN, BANYUWANGI MIGRANT WORKER DIES IN MALAYSIA November 28, 2020 COURT REJECTS APPLICATION FOR MATERIAL TEST OF PPMI LAW SUBMITTED BY ASPATAKI November 25, 2020 SBMI IN NGANTANG, MALANG FORMS SUBDISTRICT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL November 18, 2020 SBMI BATAM & NTB KAWAL REPATRIATION OF SABRI BODIES November 2, 2016 1/3

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