09/12/2020 The UAE’s Wages Protection System (WPS) explained | Living-ask-us – Gulf News Living In UAE Ask Us Advertisement The UAE’s Wages Protection System (WPS) explained How WPS ensures timely payment of salaries and what you can do in case of delays Published: December 02, 2020 17:11 Huda Tabrez, Living in UAE Editor A worker withdraws money using his ATM. Image Credit: Gulf News archives ALSO IN THIS PACKAGE UAE: Unpaid salary or visa complaints against your employer? Twa-fouq centres can help UAE: Do I need to pay for my employment visa? COVID-19: Can I relocate, work remotely and continue getting paid in the UAE? UAE: Salary delayed? These are the penalties on companies according to the Labour Law Dubai: In 2009, the UAE introduced the Wages Protection System (WPS), a mechanism that ensures This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to improve your experience and provide more personalized service to you. Boththat on your website and other in media. To nd out more about the are cookies andfully data we use,on please check out our Privacy Policy. those working companies in the UAE paid and time. OK https://gulfnews.com/living-in-uae/ask-us/the-uaes-wages-protection-system-wps-explained-1.1606915278015 1/8

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